Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Life through the lens

The day before it starts and I am really wondering, random, theme, self-portrait? I guess as long as I use the camera to capture the things I see everyday and force the creativity to come through. Thanks to Nick for giving me the nudge to do it and thanks to all the girls, wether they know it or not, I always want to be better in everything for them.


  1. It really is amazing what stepping outside your comfort zone can do. I have been at it for only 9 days, and I feel more creative already. Just go for it and get those creative juices going.

    Maybe a Shot with you, a cake and the candles. Just a thought.

  2. First of all Happy Birthday!!
    This sounds like and exciting and rewarding endeavor. Not only for us as we get to see how you view life on a daily basis, but for yourself as well, as you expand your horizons.

  3. OK Mark! I have looked at every single picture on here! You are awesome, they look great! You're very good, You should get some great pictures of our little trip coming up at the end of the month! It looks good!